SWAM Double Reeds

This collection is comprised of Four instruments, the Oboe, the English Horn, the Bassoon and the Contrabassoon.

These instruments exploit our proprietary technology, the SWAM engine – Synchronous Wave Acoustic Modeling.

Range for the Oboe:  Chromatic from Ab2 – Eb5 in C Concert. Transposing three semitones down allows full range from Low B2 to B5 when transposed in the orchestral Key of A to perform in the key of the Oboe d’amore.

Range for the English Horn:  Chromatic from D2 – F5 G5 in C Concert.  Transposing seven semi tones down allows full range from Low A2 to C6 when transposed in its natural orchestral Key of F.

Range for the Bassoon:  Chromatic from A1 – F#5 in C concert. This covers the full range of the instrument.

Range for the Contrabassoon:  Chromatic from A1 – G5 in C concert with a transposition of minus 12 semitones to eliminate key switch interaction in the main interface. It covers the full range of the instrument and is pitched one octave lower than the Bassoon.

*Middle C = C3

Price: $250 / € 250 

VAT included, if applicable. Educational discount available, contact our support.



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