SWAM Flutes

This collection is comprised of four instruments, the Flute, the Alto Flute, the Bass Flute and the Piccolo.

These instruments exploit our proprietary technology, the SWAM engine – Synchronous Wave Acoustic Modeling.

Range for the Flute:  Chromatic from Bb2 – F6 in C concert. Transposing in the keys for other band instruments such as Bb or Eb would still give a sufficient coverage of the Flute’s range.

Range for the Alto Flute:  Chromatic from F2 – A5 in C concert.  Transposing five semi tones down allows full range from Low Bb2 to D6 when transposed in its natural orchestral Key of G.

Range for the Bass Flute:  Chromatic from A2 – D6 in C concert. This covers the full range of the instrument and sounds one octave below the Flute.

Range for the Piccolo:  Chromatic from B2 – C6 in C concert covering the entire range of the instrument.

*Middle C = C3

Price: $250 / € 250 

VAT included, if applicable. Educational discount available, contact our support.



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