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2015-11-22 - The Viola 1.0.0 is out!

2015-11-10 - Released Saxes, Clarinets, Double Reeds v2.5.3 and Flutes v1.2.3:
- Added dedicate option for choosing the KeySwitches MIDI Channel
- Added "Key Deauth" button for License Key deauthorization
- Added "Resource Path" option in Options page for changing the Resources search [Windows only]
- Installer: It is possible to specify a different location for the Resources [Windows only]

- Improved stability
- Better support for multi-channel instruments (Seaboard, Linnstrument, ...)
- Fixed hanging notes for note-on events with zero velocity in some circumnstances
- Fixed Double-Click default values in Options page
- Expression curve does not affect note-on / note-off thresholds for Breath Controller (Expr. Trigger Mode = Normal / Fast)
- Fixed K.S. Octave Transposition message
- Fixed AAX issue "plugin not recognized by ProTools on Mac"
- Fixed issue "Plugins not recognized by MASCHINE and KORE on Mac"
- Installer: fixed permissions on the Preset folder [Mac only]
- Installer: Mac installers are now signed with Developer Certificate


Windows 10 update 1511 invalidates SWAM authorization
- Details here: www.swamengine.com/support/kb/faq.php?id=22
Saxes, Clarinets, Double Reeds v2.5.1 and Flutes v1.2.2:
- SWAM plugins are not recognized in ProTools for Mac - Please update to Saxes, Clarinets, Double Reeds v2.5.3 and Flutes v1.2.3

IMPORTANT - for customers updating from The Saxophones v1.x, Soprano Sax (Ms. Sax S) v1.x, or The Soprano & Bass Clarinets v1.x to the version 2.x:
starting from the version 2.1.0 you'll receive a NEW pair of License Keys together with the download links. Only the new keys will activate the new 2.x products. Old License Keys valid for the previous versions will not work with v2.x

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