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2014-06-01 - What's new in The Flutes v1.2.0:

- Improved timbre
- Improved breath modeling
- Improved legato
- Improved reverb
- Two new options for "Pan Behavior": Dyn1, Dyn2 (Virtual Motion)
- Several GUI tweaks

2014-04-28 - What's new in Soprano Sax (Ms. Sax S) v2.4.0, The Saxophones v2.4.0, The Soprano & Bass Clarinets v2.4.0, Oboe & English Horn v1.7.0, Double Reeds v1.7.0:

- Vibrato Auto-Detection on both Expression and Pitch-Bend
- Monitor displays real Expression input (not the remapped one)
- PitchBend range +/- 12
- Poly-Pressure support (especially for ROLI Seaboard)
- Unified user manual for SWAM Woodwinds instruments

- KeyNoise on attack in keyboard mode
- Receptor compatibility issues
- Reaper compatibility issues
- Vienna Ensemble Pro crashes in some circumstances
- Microtuning sliders restore default values when GUI opens
- Portamento time does not start with MIN portamento time (Wind Controllers)
- Different volume when loading mono
- Activation window goes behind parent window on some hosts

IMPORTANT - for customers updating from The Saxophones v1.x, Soprano Sax (Ms. Sax S) v1.x, or The Soprano & Bass Clarinets v1.x to the version 2.x:
starting from the version 2.1.0 you'll receive a NEW pair of License Keys together with the download links. Only the new keys will activate the new 2.x products. Old License Keys valid for the previous versions will not work with v2.x

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